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Bring Us Your Problems

Facilities and Planning partners with you to consult and assist with construction, management and future planning of Northwestern | RESEARCH – related spaces across the Evanston and Chicago campuses.

We develop solutions for your space and facility problems

SQI under construction

New construction

Demolition of lab in basement of Ryan Hall

Building renovations

CHIMAD office renovation in Hogan

Space reuse

machine shop

Facility upgrades

Mechanical room above Wasielewski lab

Advanced engineering

Ceiling Technology

Critical environments

NUFAB cleanroom

Environmental controls

Cryomech helium recovery system in the Tali Lab

Design innovation

spectrum analyzer

Electrical noise

Construction vibration mapping

Construction notifications

electrical safety switch

Equipment power

office furniture

Furniture solutions


53core facilities

1,561,630total sponsored research space (assignable square feet)

In Detail

NUFAB clean room

Clean Room Expansion

As a core facility, NUFAB offers a clean room. The initial room proved insufficient for demand and we needed to expand to a greater space. How do you renovate in a functional cleanroom without disrupting research operations? We worked with contractors, FM and research staff to solve the problem

A new lab bench with overhead service carrier

Fitting it all in

This challenge was about renovating an existing lab for a new, enlarged work portfolio without increasing square footage. The overhead service carrier brings lab gasses to the work area without cluttering the walkway aisle. Shelves maximize the opportunity to neatly store glassware and equipment while work surfaces on mobile casework offer a quick, temporary, work surface solution when needed.

Vibration Isolation

Vibration isolation

As you increase the number of specialized pieces of equipment in a lab you can begin to experience unintended or unanticipated consequences such as increased heat load, diminished exhaust air capacity and vibration noise. In this case, a fan had been mounted on top of a small, prefabricated cleanroom. The fan's motor was resonating the cleanroom structure like a tuning fork making normal volume conversation impossible. By disconnecting and re-mounting the fan from the ceiling using vibration isolation hangers, motor noise was no longer amplified and ambient noise in the lab was significantly reduced.

Tell us More

In support of Northwestern | RESEARCH programmatic and administrative operations, the Vice President for Research (VPR) helps find and develop the best solutions for your research space and facility needs. If you bring us your problems, let us be the starting point for finding solutions.

The VPR, in consultation with academic and administrative leadership, determines the best use of the space entrusted to Northwestern | RESEARCH.

Please contact Steven Matz, Director of Facilities and Planning, with space and facility inquiries.